Tombons tomaten

TomBons are tasty
snack tomatoes.

TomBons snacking vegetables taste delicious. They are ideal for eating at various times of the day, for instance as a healthy snack in the car, at home, at work, as a treat at birthday parties, with breakfast and in a packed lunch for the kids. So eat healthy and choose sensible snacks!

Snacking tomato

TomBons are tasty snacking tomatoes. They are deliciously sweet, crunchy and small, making them an easy mouthful. We grow our snacking tomatoes in the colours red, yellow and orange. Have you tried making a tasty salad with them yet?

Snacking cucumber

Snacking cucumbers make an ideal healthy 'finger food' at any time of day. Full of flavour, fresh, healthy and cool, perfect for any age. You can also prepare delicious dishes or salads using snacking cucumbers.


Snacking sweet pepper

This extra sweet mini sweet pepper is a tasty and healthy snack. Snacking sweet peppers are very rich in vitamin C and contain hardly any seeds. They also make a real treat stuffed with mince, cheese or a different filling. In summer, snacking sweet peppers are also delicious when grilled briefly.

Tombons snack tomatoes

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